Welcome to the ‘Hip-Hop For Dummies’ show which educates and elevates the real stars of Hip-Hop .. the artists and people who have built from the ground up and laid solid¬†foundations which many have failed to build on.

DJ esSDee | Hip-Hop For DummiesThere are so called artists out there who have tried laying new foundations but have done nothing more than plant their brand on soft soil resulting in it sinking quickly in the pit of pop.

The identity of Hip-Hop has slipped due to the ever increasing media coverage and money thrown at artists who really aren’t ‘that good’. They are an image which is pushed to appeal to the young masses and unfortunately they use the name Hip-Hop in vain.

‘Hip-Hop For Dummies’ is brought to you by me DJ esSDee and is a 2 hour Live show streamed right here on this page by using UStream.

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