New Jurassic 5 Song and Video – The Way We Do It [produced by Heavy D]

Jurassic 5 new song and video The Way We Do It produced by Heavy D

When I was about 12 I wanted a skateboard. Unfortunately I had to wait a long time because my Dad thought it was a flash in the pan idea… he said the same when I had my heart set on Technics 1210’s only a few weeks after purchasing a pair of second hand belt drives, little did he know that on both occasions I would be giving my heart and soul to the two chosen art forms for many, many years to come.

I use this story from my early years to lead up to the subject of this post. You see, I was waiting for what seemed like an age for my first skateboard. There were kids in the car park of our major supermarket getting their tic-tac on and I felt like I had to almost prove to my Dad just how much I wanted a skateboard by making a mock up version from a basic piece of wood which I asked to be cut to a curve at one end, adding 2 blocks of wood underneath and some carpet on top to emulate grip tape [before you laugh let it be understood that this was 27 years ago, about 10 or so years (could be more) later, there were practice boards manufactured. Granted they were real boards, real grip tape and professionally machine moulded dummy trucks, but I was on that shit out of desperation way before, and at the age of 12. Kids did laugh, but I wanted that new skateboard so badly].

‘The same can be said about this new Jurassic 5 song and video’

Since the 6 who did become 5 disbanded, all J5 fans knew in their hearts that one day, maybe just for one day, that the 6 would get back together again and do a show. They are legends, they are a Hip-Hop group which includes 6 members who, at any time in their illustrious careers, have been nothing less than world class individually and/or collectively.

In between the baron spell which ended in 2013, firstly with the outing at Coachella, and then to our delight, a tour throughout the UK (which I was privileged to attend two of the dates), there have been armies of fans (myself included) who were snapping up everything they could which featured collaborations with, or solo material by each individual Jurassic 5 artist. Whether it be Cut Chemist teaming up with DJ Shadow, Uncle Nu dropping solo, Chali in a Fish Market, Soup pouring hot rhymes on a Z-Trip cut or any other melee of J5 goodness… we had to have it, had to show the love, had to have something in-between the last Feedback album and the day we hoped would come. A day which has now arrived, new material by the kings of the funky 5 elements.

The Way We Do It produced by Heavy D [RIP]

I don’t want to go into it to much, I just want you to watch the video below and recognise that it is good to not only have them back with new material for our daily lives, but know that this is a holla to the legendary Heavy D who passed and is missed by many. The beat is a loop of White Stripes ‘My Doorbell’ and Jurassic knock it out the park. The video is dope and filmed on location, the new track is available as a free download on Soundcloud too, so make sure you take advantage of that whilst it is still available.

It is dope to have them back, not just for live performances, but back together inside the bars, back together in harmony.