Marc 7 – I Who Have Nothing

Marc 7 I Who Have Nothing

February was a hard month which saw me switch from the quagmire that is a Facebook personal profile to my artist page (for reasons which I would prefer to keep to myself) but I have entered the March of 2014 fully renovated with shiny bits on.

This month has started in a dope way though, with the news that Marc 7 of Jurassic 5 has released his first video for the single ‘I Who Have Nothing’, ¬†which is taken from his first solo album ‘Food, Clothing & Shelter’.

About a week ago there was a bit of noise around the globe due to audio from the new album which featured Akil and introduced St. Mark 923, titled ‘Sensational‘. These 4 minute 25 seconds worth of sound waves are what you would come to expect from either of the four MC’s who sound like one, and was no doubt released as a taster for Mr. 7’s delivery on a solo project.. because what came next, nobody is/will be ready for.

Marc 7 Logo

Knowing what’s in this quiet mans pipeline, I was hoping he’d come out hitting home runs with a mean streak he’s not usually seen to have.. and readers he didn’t disappoint. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch they say, they’ll jump on you from the front and bite your ears off, chew them and spit ’em out (they don’t say but I think in this case we’ll pretend they do).

I watched the ‘I Who Have Nothing’ video once .. thinking, ‘yeah, this is how you had to do it and you did it’. I then watched it again to take in the dope, sharp flow, the real story, the tight heartfelt rhymes and the masks. This was then followed by a conversation with Irn Mnky about the imagery in the video. As soon as the words ‘it reminds me of an Onyx video’, left my chapped lips the Mnky man followed with ‘I was just about to say it’s like one of them videos you was scared to watch again when you was a kid’. Our conversation went on way longer than the length of the video which says a lot about its content and impact on our retinas.

This is a statement from the stylish member of Jurassic 5 who owes nobody nothing, has not featured on many collaborations, and who is happy to be the man in the background when it comes to performing and recording material with his 5 friends. Complete with Stars & Stripes mask, plain black hooded sweat and black LA hat with black stitching, Marc 7 goes from strength to strength throughout this video with thought provoking lyrics, while a dope Bassey sample follows him round the grass covered scenery. This is a piece of work he should be proud of, and one that we should not overlook.

It has been a long time coming and it has come at a time when J5 are building the dates for their new world tour in 2014. It’s going to be nice seeing a man who has supported his fellow brothers throughout their solo projects get his time to shine. Keep your eyes and ears on Marc 7 in 2014, he has a lot to say and his own way to say it, it’s his turn to shine.

‘Enjoy the Music’

DJ esSDee