2013 Best and Worst and into 2014

Jurassic 5 Brixton Academy 2013

I am not going to pull any punches in this write up of the year 2013, and that in no way shows a weakness, moreover it is about strength gained last year.

The truth, as some well know, is that I nearly threw everything away by taking on too much that I just couldn’t handle.

Jurassic 5 Brixton Academy 2013The biggest thing which I have been able to recognise in myself is that being nice can leave you open to people manipulating your moves for their benefit, and I hear you when you say ‘what you don’t know that at the age of 38’. Well, yes.. I do, and I have known for many years. It has happened to me since I was very young, when being fortunate enough to have a very kind and giving father who would buy me amazing things like a second hand drum kit, electric guitar, new skateboards when they were needed and even my beloved pool table. All these things come with a price tag.. because when you have things that people want, and the owner has a kind heart and sharing soul.. in come people as friends who up and leave when they have what they were after and have drained your resources.

The difference as time goes by and we get older is that, as we change, we like to think that others do too. Or is it that we all change but certain aspects of our make-up are accentuated when we choose new paths while others prefer to remain walking the road they have always taken? Either way, things change while they also remain the same. There does come a time though when we have to start getting real, whether old friends, foes or even direct family … when you have some very important news .. take note of who you actually contact. I guarantee that you’ll start to recognise those you know actually care and will be happy for you. The time for continuing to do for others who don’t do for you is over, it’s about representing for the representers..

It’s good to be nice, but there has to be limits; otherwise people use you as a doormat. It’s good to support, but when you have built your side of the island and others can’t be bothered putting the time in to build theirs, why should you give away what you have to help them when they can’t be bothered to help themselves? I mean I have been known to water other peoples plants and let mine wilt, with nothing in return, not even a thank you, leaving me to repot and re-nurture what ‘was’ good and healthy.

In the not too distant past I thought to myself ‘what if everything went wrong, would all the people in my life right now be there for me?’ while also thinking ‘would I need all the people I seem to have lost touch with?’.

Well, the truth is that, shit hit the fan a few years ago and there was very little support from anyone. That said, the people in my life now are the ones who have helped me in one way or another. Yes my mindset has changed, but if we don’t talk to each other then that change can seem dramatic, but everything about a person changing is gradual, don’t stay in touch then we don’t understand. That’s real talk as some would say.

I said to Marc 7even (not too long ago), regarding something we was talking through that ‘they say nice guys finish last’. His wise reply was ‘at least they finish’. Four words which resonate loudly.


2013 Covered..!

2013 brought some amazing personal highs which came mostly from recognition. Recognition for anything you give your time to is the most valuable of things, when it comes from your family and close friends it is good, but when it comes from your peers, artists and promoters, all of whom have their own thing going on (including their careers, reputations and even their pride), pass positive comment on various projects you involve yourself in, well that’s the stuff you work hard for. The last 365 days which saw the World we live on do a full rotation have brought me into close contact with some special people, people who in my walk of life are respected for what they do, but who also respect me for what I do. That mutual respect for the way we live our lives and support each other is a foundation for great things in 2014.


Brad & Chris at HBS Music Archaeology – 2 super nice guys who looked after me while visiting the shed of dreams early in the year. You both have special things going on. Always inspiring us diggers of the special round plastic things while proving that continuous hard work brings pride and notoriety.

Paul Sid | Owner of Retreat Brand – Thank you for putting your faith in me, and your clothes on my back. I am proud to wear your designs and with the projects lined up for 2014 the designs will reach far and wide. Let’s do breakfast again soon.

Rob Swift – A hero of mine who leads by example, who lives for others and who continues to inspire me daily. There are not many DJ’s who live and make moves from the heart, but you do.. you are a special dude, my dude. Thank you for the intro for the yet to be finished Charity Shop Tapes 2 (which will be completed in 2014).

QNC operator ‘Q-Ball’ – Just when I notice that I’ve been quiet around Twitter .. along comes Q-Ball to ask ‘you good’. It is always sincere and heartfelt, be good to hook up one day, Staten or UK.

DJ Format – It’s been a year where we finally got to make that dig at Vinyl Tap.. one which was followed by a dope night at Distrikt Bar in Leeds. We’ve had some good proper conversations and text conversations too, your recent ‘big brother’ type support has been valuable. You da man.

Mystro aka MysDiggi aka MyBrother – There’s quite a paragraph I could write here and I think you know that. You know you inspire me, I know you’re there, I know you got my back and you know I got yours. We have a special thing going on, a true lifelong friendship. I love ya big man.

Mr. Thing – The man who kickstarted the serious side of my DJ journey .. the artist who produced one of my top 10 favourite albums of all time .. laid the dopest cuts on Ya Don’t See The Signs .. the man who is now a friend, let’s do Vinyl Tap again soon.

Marc 7even – Starting with the last 12 months, it’s been dope being in contact. Hooking up at the two J5 gigs in 2013 was a special time and showed the kind of man you are to go through and make that happen. I know we gonna be hooking up in 2014 and look forward to it unfolding. Big love to the family.

Tony Green – Tone it’s been two long winding roads which seem to have come together in 2013. Your celebration when you hear my news is appreciated so much, your drive admired, and the respect I have for you and what you continually achieve is huge. Hip-Hop Connection all the way in 2014 brother.

Tom aka ‘Megamouth’ – The festivals and gigs we rocked in 2013 were immense, who could ever forget turning a zero crowd into a 500 strong crowd which stayed a full 2 hours and still wanted more of the MMSD show. Let’s grab more festival time in 2014 and make more power moves.

Irn Mnky – Wool.. we started ripples in 2005 and got waterfalls of noise crashing all around us. Funk Soul Brothers till the end, interlinked at every turn and ahead of the curve. Big things await in 2014.

I also got to give much love to Big Ten Den (nothing is the same without you), Ryan Maxwell (love you bro), Ryan Leeming (make 2014 be a big change), Jurassic 5 (enough said), Major Kuts (we have a crack), Bane, WY Clothing (bring the new shit), Kista (dopeness personified), DJ Lok (always looking out for me and the family x), Trotter (keep inspiring), Hashfinger (BIG year), Sam Stranix (the new Mr. Nice), Ejectos (make more noise), Mister Jason (phat ass), Z-Trip (you know I wouldn’t be doing this the way I do it), James Brenkley (always there supporting), DJ Shadow (word hero), Garry Dee Dabill (your enthusiasm for what I do always has me buzzing), Honours Tea and Sofa King (up the Gunners)…

Finally.. I thank God for my family, my beautiful wife and gorgeous child. Without you all I wouldn’t have a solid base to build upon. I love you all.


What for 2014..? Oh it’s going to be a big one.

  1. Charity Shop Tapes 2 WILL be finished.. I promise.
  2. 4 festivals confirmed and when the exact dates are through Bands in Town will be updated.
  3. Involvement in a big release involving 2 amazing artists is already in motion. More news to follow as the year progresses.
  4. New website design.
  5. New UStream shows.
  6. Other mixes.