My Take on Kanye West Rant on Breakfast Club

Kanye West Breakfast Club

Kanye West is far out.. but only because most people dare not think beyond what they see as a comfort zone and what they perceive as success, he’s not happy with how things work at the top.. he does go off on one and spout shit, but his message is pretty solid.

He’s a solo figure arguing with the world.. he spouts some bullshit when he loses his train of thought and when he actually runs out of constructive things to say.

His main message though, is equality .. and he’s highlighting it right at the top. But it’s everywhere, everyday, in front of everybody’s eyes.

For instance;

JessDee is 3 and watches Mr. Tumble .. it has around 5 white men and one token black man.. the white dudes play more higher ranking/serious roles, the black dude is a dumbed down farmers boy who is mocked and not shown in other sketches.

I take my hat off to Rastamouse… a show which is deep in culture, a success story. But, even though it has made the screens you haven’t seen lots of promotion for Christmas, in fact, when was the last time you saw something of real value to you or your family’s life which was owned by the people who owned the culture?

Ownership of cultures belongs to the white man, that’s the truth.. a horrible truth.

Kanye is right when he says in similar words that ‘the puppet masters only want you to be Urban if you are a black man’. I think athlete also comes into play too.

Truth is look around at any time of day .. on your TV or out where the trees blow in the wind, and you will see that the majority of opportunity goes to either the weird or the white. So much so that people are bleaching their skin and overacting to the point where they are no longer themselves.

Watch Masterchef, the touchlines of the football leagues, the staff at Sainsbury’s, the adverts.. it’s pretty alarming when you take a step back from being wowed by the brain killing technology we’ve been showing our thumbs.

I am no huge fan of Kanye (I only own 2 early albums and a couple of 12′s on vinyl as well as the DVD set at the BBC), but he is definitely creative, definitely has some forward thinking shit going on and has laid some dope foundations for modern day Hip-Hop production. The man is clever .. the man is hungry .. the man is a threat to society as the power hungry know it.

He needs to work on a lot of personal things but the fact he can’t break through into the top tiers of fashion when he has proved himself as a relevant, fashionable and an able contender for influencing people worldwide who watch the throne he represents is quite alarming.

I know there are people saying ‘it must be nice to have the 100′s of 1000′s of dollars to lose in the first place’ but, you spend what you earn. He has worked hard, done a lot of things he would have preferred not to, as well as done a lot we wish we could, but, at the end of the day, he has put a crazy amount of money into something he is extremely passionate about, something that he believes he can do better others, and something that he rightly believes he should be able to get a chance at doing from the highest level. I mean, why not, all entrepreneurs stretch themselves to the max to try make something happen.

Look past what you see as boasting and bragging and then look at his basic point. He has made a name for himself, he could sell designer clothing right at the top but people don’t want him there.. they are happy to drape their clobber over and around him in his videos but that’s as far as they want to go with his involvement.. I see his point.

My personal heroes and inspirational figures are predominantly black, from Thierry Henry, James Brown, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Lennox Lewis to Mysdiggi, Marc 7even, Rob Swift, Q-Ball, Spida Lee and the list goes on…

These artists and friends have inspired me with their talent along with Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvester Stallone, DJ’s Shadow, Thing, Format, Z-Trip etc. because they have magic in their make up that I take little bits from to progress in life. I don’t need to go where Kanye wants to be but each of us human beings take our own journey, and none of us should be stopped if we have what it takes.

I believe that Kanye may do himself more harm than good with his outbursts which is sad, I mean sometimes he looks like a small dog backed into a corner who comes out fighting with a shitty bark, but he does have a good point beneath it all. You see, it’s OK for Russell Brand to sit there, the ex smack head complete with a posh twang (who says obvious things in an eloquent way), to turn on the country’s leaders with his manor. That outburst resulted in a Facebook page titled something along the lines of ‘Brand for Prime Minister’, and due to the opacity of his skin, and the fact he’s weird, don’t be alarmed if that happens.

Peace out brothers and sisters, look after and inspire each other to reach the top of our own mountains,

DJ esSDee