DJ Format and Phill Most Chill The Foremost “OUT NOW”

DJ Format The Foremost with Phill Most Chill 28th October 2013

DJ Format & Phill Most Chill – ‘The Foremost’ [OUT NOW]

Old church organ keys start this 10 track packed 33rpm banger which comes from two men who’ve collaborated on this smash of an album.

DJ Format The Foremost with Phill Most Chill 28th October 2013For me.. this is monsieur Format’s best album since..? well .. since the beginning of his illustrious career in Hip-Hop entertainment.

It’s an album which doesn’t just add to the UK’s dopest break infused production repertoire, but builds on his now legendary and unique ability to turn old dusty records into stuff we can boogie on down to, whether in the car, with a partner or getting sweaty and clutching a Red Stripe in the underground club you frequently visit.

The MC who makes light work of the double time break neck speed of track 1 through to 10, is none other than the US mature B-Boy ‘Phill Most Chill’.

There are shades of Abdominal in the vocal delivery, but that deep rolling tone is replaced with a higher riding vocabulary which is even more suited to DJ Format’s precision based, drum laden, sometimes¬†Simonsound influenced, musical ensemble which features supadope cuts that, as usual, are smeared over the top of chosen tracks like the right amount of Lurpak on a slice of tiger bread toast.

The crunch of that toast is created by breaks dug out from our DJ’s extensive library of hard to find (sometimes impossible to find) records. All of which are original pressings.

‘Triple Threat MC’s’ is gonna make the floors shake with thundering feet, knees, heads and sneaks all spinning and freezing in a B-Boy frenzy.. the album is going to go down in history as a classic.. but hey, it’s a DJ Format album.. so what did you expect? It’s not like he’s ever going to release an album like The Outsider, and we wouldn’t want that either.

DJ Format & Phill Most Chill The Foremost Out Now

DJ Format is as DJ Format does, each time he’s improving the recipe, finding MC’s to work with like Arsene Wenger signing unbelievable players you never thought were good enough to grace the Premiership. He’s gone and done it again.

A big thank you to both these masters who are educating old and new fans immersed in the greatest creative lifestyle that is Hip-Hop. Grab ‘The Foremost’ LP on wax, CD or download.. make yourself, your passengers, your friends, your windbreaker wearing Grandma and Format’s cat .. happy.

You could use the Vinyl to butter your tiger bread toast on, but that would just be Ill Culinary Behaviour, so don’t..

  1. The Feeling
  2. Diggin’ For A Livin’
  3. Get Busy Music
  4. Beverly
  5. Angry Birds
  6. Work Song
  7. Triple Threat MC’s
  8. The Foremost
  9. Take A Stand
  10. The Shape Of Things To Come

Enjoy the Album,

DJ esSDee