‘White Eyed Influences’ – A review by Leeds Hip-Hop Scene

The mix CD comprises of 35 tracks, the execution of the mixing is high and the flow of the tracks is simple yet intelligent – you can rarely tell where one track ends and another begins. esSDee’s scratching abilities are also of a high standard, you can see that the DJ is taking is on a journey of the music in his life as eras and periods flow into one another. The CD starts with some funk and soul beats before moving into an AC/DC, Michael Jackson induced wave of the 80′s even “Eye of The Tiger” is mixed in for good measure on this ride through esSDee’s experiences and influences. The CD does not try to take itself seriously while featuring quotes from modern pop culture such as Mr T and the Flintstones providing just about the right level of humor and as these DJ’s describe themselves on their site they are party DJ’s playing soul, funk, hip hop and throwing in the odd stupid movie quote and this mixtape is exactly that. Even Hip Hop Hooray rears its head to make you sing along in the set.On the penulitimate track we are introduced to the Berkshire emcee Mr Phlo, who provides a well delivered few bars on this joint, this track has featured on BBC 1xtra and is a great track that you’d love to hear in the club or at a party. I really enjoyed this mix cd and how esSDee was not afraid to mix rock into this set of funk and hip hop – this is the kind of set I enjoy almost DJ Yoda-esque not afraid to throw in a skit or not been afraid to mix completely different genres of music together to make things flow.

Author: DBO

‘Charity Shop Tapes’ – A review from Sandman Magazine

If nothing else, the sheer amount of time and effort that went into making this mix album has to be admired. The liner notes describe a year of scouring second-hand shops, re-organising records to match up their BPMs and splicing them together. The end result, it has to be said, is pretty awesome. At the heart of this record is a joyous, insane variety – it’s got Dr. Dre rubbing shoulders with The Belle Stars’ ‘Clapping Song’ and INXS and Queen in an embrace with the Ghostbusters theme tune. DJ esSDee has cherry-picked highlights from the long, proud history of hip-hop (classic Dre, Arrested Development, Sugarhill Gang, Busta Rhymes) and mixed in some instantly recognisable snippets from the worlds of rock and roll, indie pop and soul. How about Salt ‘n’ Pepa rapping over ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ vocal imposed on 10cc’s ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ eh? Cynics might say it panders to our lowest musical instincts but I would argue that it’s a treasure trove of happy nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the Eighties or Nineties and as such it’s just about the greatest party soundtrack ever made. Every home should have one.

Author: Alistair Brown