Mystro aka MysDiggi – ‘Mystrogen’ review

Whooooooaaaaa… feels great buying an album by an artist you really like and relate to .. now I have just experienced buying an album by an artist I love and feel related to.

Mystrogen has been in the making for a while… the build up has been masterfully managed by the man MysDiggi himself and guess what..! He is the man behind the whole thing.

Mystro That Rush Mystrogen

Mystro ‘That Rush’

Not since Blade with his debut album ‘Lion Goes From Strength to Strength’ have I known of an artist be in control from it’s mere beginnings to it’s entrance onto the market as a full blown release. OK, it is true that these days there are more avenues to travel down to get your product out there, but if you gas it up and then do everything else in a very amateur way (release a bag of shit and have a fan base of 2, one being you and the other your Mum), then that in eyes of people that understand, is not the full blown release of an artist who hasn’t stopped pushing since he started.

See, these days everybody thinks, and can be, an artist. The internet is full of people talking it up, full of profiles on music platforms where after uploading some 2 bit effort they get their brothers and sisters to leave comments like “Oh MC Carbon Copy this is unbelievable” .. yes, you are right, unbelievably shit.

Mystro is a beast of a spitta and writer, a craftsman and super tight performer who has had minimal help in the way other lame ass UK rap artists have, which I know can be hard to handle when you put more effort in than these people, but the beauty in this instance is that Mys has stuck to giving us what we should be hearing, that in itself will always take longer to absorb into the sponge like brains of people because good hip-hop isn’t as salable as cheesy bag o crap pop music so the money trains don’t back it. But I do feel all his efforts have lead to this point and big BIG things are just around the corner for my homey.

Back with the program

Mystro Mysdiggi MystrogenSo the album is Mystrogen (like oxygen but you need it a whole lot more says the Mystro), a 15 track Debut Album (everything before has been a player of the extended kind), which was released at the turn of 10th September on iTunes (£6.99), and other leading download sites with the CD (£7.99), available from the 25th September (order here).

I have just purchased the soundtrack to the ever changing summer because no matter where you are in a chain you support, when someone puts there all in you support, when the man behind the mic is your friend .. you support (you get my drift). In buying MysDiggi’s first album you are treated to content from Si Spex, Mr. Thing, Black Einstein, Homeboy Sandman, Daniel Debourg, Thomas Jules, Junior Reed, Thor, Xavier Barnett, Lloyd Brown, Show n Prove and some. The artwork is right up there too, the matching capsules on the albums first release ‘That Rush’ and it’s parent in audio ‘Mystrogen’ is so good you feel the need to grab a glass of water, take a capsule between thumb and index finger and then swallow to see where this new drug takes you.

I urge you reader to watch the ‘Mystrogen Sample Video by CLICKING HERE‘, then do yourself and @MysDiggi a great favour… GO BAG SOME MYSTROGEN TODAY.

Here is the tracklist for the album ‘Mystrogen’ by ‘Mystro’:

I Heard About It (Intro)
That Rush
What I Want (feat. Homeboy Sandman)
Hooked (feat. Daniel Debourg)
What’s My Name? (Skit)
You Ain’t Right (feat. Thomas Jules)
Mystentatious (feat. Cuts By Mr. Thing)
Benga, Benga
Worry Dem (feat. Junior Reid)
Routine Cancer (feat. Cuts By DJ Thor)
Mystentatious, Pt. 2
Da Milkman (feat. Xavier Barnett)
So Long (feat. Lloyd Brown)

I’ll leave you to listen to this banger of an album while I enjoy Mystrogen on tap,

DJ esSDee