Mury P feat. DJ esSDee ‘Fuck You All’

Before I start going into the happenings which helped create one of the best video, beat, scratch and audio collabo’s this beautiful country has ever spawned I think we should all bow a head and pour a drop of liquor from a 40 to my homey and brother Mury P on his 32nd Birthday. Step up you crazy curled mother and take a bow .. I hope you’ve recovered from your amazing surprise Birthday BBQ because I haven’t…

OK on with the show;

Mury P 'Fuck You All' feat. DJ esSDee | Produced by Pheend Supreme

Mury P ‘Fuck You All’ feat. DJ esSDee | Produced by Pheend Supreme

This is the video to raise the game for all other videos coming from the so called underground. The company Bad LOOK Media, which is owned by the main man in this video (some would say that to be me with the closing scene), have brought out a video which could possibly put a few human beings 6 feet under due to the amount of flashes, stammers and blatant use of profanity in the form of ‘FUCK YOU’, which all usually come with a warning (people beware there are flashes and things).

Before watching the video it would be easy to think that there is no need for all of this… and I do understand that .. but I know and understand where the lyrics come from with this angry man and his ripped up heart which is controlled by a head that’s as tangled on the inside as it is on the outside.. I have been, and in some cases still am.. there, we all are sometimes but the level depends on the torture you have been dished out along the way and some ride a wave that never crashes while others live on a crashing wave.

Only when someone comes into your life to steady the ship and who helps you believe again can you get out the anger and let it leave instead of letting it out because it’s part of survival, I mean who knows.. at this rate the MZA may bring out his LL Cool J love song persona for us all to see.

So without further ado the real reason why I’m writing and you are reading is for some factual shit about the video, well apart from telling you who got in on the act when putting it together I am leaving it there, there really isn’t much to say apart from it was a pleasure to be involved, a pleasure to put the dope cuts on and a pleasure to work with my brother from another nutsack Mury P. He has some big cogs turning right now so all better watch and follow some of his moves otherwise the rest are going to be looking for careers stacking shelves, getting old and saying ‘I did this in 2012 but couldn’t keep up with the King’. I know I was involved and the closing scene is to be legendary but this is one of the dopest pairings of tune and video that you’ll experience this year.

Check these comments from around Facebook and Twitter:

Josh Ashton – Big track!

Liam Fitzpatrick – Like one of the comments says, Just like 90′s stuff. Tune my man.

Lucy Hall – Really like the comment about the west Yorkshire version of the Beastie boys. Great tune.

Ben Reilly Cunningham – If only the youth of today could make tunes like this. At least I won’t look so old now. When I use the line “In my day music was…..” Cos the day just started again. Nice drop of old skool with a good bit of comedy in the video. Legendary!

Ryan Maxwell – I wish I had stopped the video 5 seconds before the end. Sick music though man about to blog great work on the camera from Bad Look and Major Kuts & Chimpink as always. Disgusting beat from Pheend Supreme I love every element of this.

Here’s everything you need to know;

Title: Fuck You All
Artist: Mury Poppinz
Featuring: DJ esSDee
Producer: Pheend Supreme
Shot By: Major Kuts & Chimpink
Directed & Edited By: @BadLOOKMedia
Label: Don’t Talk To Strangers
Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Corporal Mortification’
Twitter: @MZA1 @djesSDee @Dopus_Beats @BadLOOKMedia