KINGHEADLOCK – ‘Tenement Slum’


From the age of 13 I’ve known the heart on my sleeve writer and performer who now goes under the solo name of KINGHEADLOCK.

KINGHEADLOCK Tenement SlumOriginally the front man for Alpine Movement and then vAndal supreMe, Christian Gregory has taken his personal and political lyrics, style and experience to new levels with his recent material which has seen him swap the bands for producers. At present he is working closely with producers IRN MNKY and LSK.

Like I said, I have known KINGHEADLOCK a long time, about 25 years, our lives have mirrored each others in some ways and been tested in others, we have been in the aforementioned bands, we have skated together for a long time, we have a ridiculous amount in common and I have always believed in his skills. He is a big doubter of the future and sometimes becomes a little disillusioned about what is possible, so I guess you may be thinking why haven’t I wrote about his massive back catalogue of work before. Well…

When we were in the bands it seemed impossible to actually get a track produced properly, one which would match the insanely good live performances we used to treat people to. Then when the core of the bands went their separate ways Mr. Gregory stood on his own two feet and had to find his style, not that he had no style but he was in front of a band, there is security when you have your friends around, but when you go solo everything you do starts and ends with yourself. Me and IRN MNKY found this out pretty quickly and when the dust settled KINGHEADLOCK did too.

His writing ability is off the scale and his talent with the pen and a pad lies in real life situations, taking raw subject matter and delivering it in a way which sucks you in, makes you hear what’s going on around you and on many occasion he gives you a window to his personal life. It is easy to blah blah blah your friends material but you have to wait for that gem, that one track which will bring everything together.. and I feel this is it.

‘Tenement Slum’ is the most recent material released by KINGHEADLOCK and I really feel that the sound he has found really deserves support and needs listeners talking about it. So now it’s time you click that switch,  turn your ears on and enjoy, analise and feel eveything this LSK produced banger has to offer.

I could write a book about this really good friend of mine who I admire for more than just his music, because from the cover of a Skateboard magazine to the stages of festivals and now on to his solo career which is picking up pace quicker than a tyre on Buttershaw estate, I have the utmost respect for my homie…

DJ esSDee