DJ esSDee Recommends the Hip-Hop Art Range called Oink by PIGLET

I was stood at the bar in Sedgwick Avenue when over came a girl who introduced herself and mentioned a discussion we’d had on Twitter.

Initially, as I told her there and then, I was taken aback due to her being female. Now I know that may seem sexist to some of you but when you submerse yourself in the deep waters of Hip-Hop and go by a name that doesn’t explain that you are a lady, then it’s almost a given that you are of the hairy, size 8 feet, ball grabbing kind.

So Charlotte ‘aka PIGLET’, started talking to me about her art, vision and why she chose to illustrate Hip-Hop greats. Although hard to summon up in this digital age that we are in, Charlotte’s style is unique. Simple one colour designs that are developed in black on a white background adorn cotton and canvas. You can visit the store here


ABOUT CHARLOTTE and her Oink Range by PIGLET:

 Charlotte grew up to the lyrics and vibrations of Gangsta Rap infiltrating her bedroom walls thanks to her brother and found herself secretly falling in love with a music scene that was forced upon her. Fast forward some years and the clothing range Oink by PIGLET was born.

Notorious BIG Biggie t-shirt from the Oink range by PIGLETThe first installment to the range, put together through nostalgic memories, includes a selection of screen printed t-shirts with the Hip-Hop artists Big-L, Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan members upon them.

The range has since been extended and includes more influential Hip-Hop artists of the 80′s and 90′s as well as a selection of current underground artists.

Following her graduation from Leeds College of Art & Design with a 2:1 in Fashion & Clothing Design, Charlotte went on to complete brief internships with Vivienne Westwood and Leeds based Tailoring manufacturers Berwin & Berwin. Eventually moving to London to work as a Fashion Designer which saw her work alongside designers including Paul Costelloe & Jimmy Choo, as well as refine her designing skills and knowledge.

Now in May 2012 and the Oink range by Piglet is stocked in Leeds’ own cult store ‘On the Wall’ and sponsors the album ‘The Cat Came Back’ by West Yorkshire Hip-Hop duo ‘Chief Wigz & Sonar Cousin’ which was launched back in April of this year on the UK Record label ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’.


I urge you to visit the online store that she has set up on Big Cartel as soon as you can and view her catalogue because PIGLET’s  the work needs to be seen, talked about and purchased by those who admire creativity and originality.

Below is a short list of Hip-Hop artists that Charlotte has portrayed… each name links to it’s place in the Oink store

In advance I thank you ever so much for buying my work and supporting me in my artistic journey – Charlotte

DJ esSDee