DJ esSDee hooks up with Retreat Clothing

Retreat Clothing is a brand from England which has Hip-Hop at it’s roots, is built from the street up and has a very driven man at the helm.

retreat-clothing-logoFrom collaborations with Afrika Bambaataa and Gill Scott Heron, to appearing monthly in the fashion sections of magazines and even better .. getting behind the right people to help push things further… this is a special brand with dope designs for every single body.

The celebration of Adam Yauch’s life through Retreat’s t-shirt design touched this DJ deep inside… a man after my own heart designed that tee and I instantly had a new friend.

The blog on the website of Retreat is something too .. Interviews with all kinds of musicians with the latest being DJ Shortkut.

Serious clothing, serious blog and serious man behind the design suite.

Big up Sid you bad man,

DJ esSDee