Verbal Contact feat. Left Leberra – Get Stoned

Picture it if you will… I’m sat in the car after going for a swim with my young family and I shake the iPhone into action, first job, Twitter .. second tap Facebook, and my club running brother Tony Green has posted on my Facebook Wall. Now to those who know, my wall is fitted with anti-spam grease which helps crap slide into the pit of shit which it deserves to dwell in… but this .. this video .. well, this is something else, this is a video which is too much for some walls, too much for some eyes in fact.

Verbal Contact - Get Stoned

Verbal Contact – Get Stoned

When I say I could ramble on forever it is an understatement. The detail, the effort, the smoke holes, the crisps crunched into the carpet, the Famous WY logo above the club, the car with the VW sign shining, the Sedgwick Avenue poster .. and all that within the first minute and a half, plus add to this the lookalike puppets (and they do look like these brothers from Leeds, West Yorkshire), and you start to get a feel for the time it has taken to not only make the video but the effort in planning it’s layout and creating the puppets, the pieces and parts for the miniature landscape and more … this is creativity on a whole new level.

For too long there has been video after video after video where the tune plays on and the stars of the show stand comfortably in front of the camera, rapping and rhyming their way through to the end… the latest video from my brother Mury P (‘Fuck You All’), kind of put a stop to that in a way, superb editing which incorporated humour and an amazing collaboration between producer, lyricist and DJ, but this video takes the underground Hip-Hop scene in the UK to a whole different level… such a level that the lift in Hip-Hop Towers needs a man to come round and add numbers to its touch pad.

Check this too, the track is produced by a man you know I champion, Sonar Cousin, and he hasn’t even been mentioned in this post yet. Neither have Matter, Prys and Left Leberra who make up this line-up under the title of Verbal Contact. The release is out on the super solid ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers‘ label who release the album ‘Blue In The Face’ very soon. William J Child & Sam Aminzadeh shoot and edit this amazing video and my WY cap is doffed in your direction dudes, great .. sorry, amazing job done.

So does the video warrant me to go on, yes, should I go on and bore you with iddy biddy details .. no. But, I do want to finish with this paragraph.

Dear London artists, there are so many of you down there (around 99% of you), who don’t know how to pick up the musket and scram. You have had a hold of this UK scene for a long time, but the scene up t’North is not only more mature, but has now eclipsed anything you have to throw into the Hip-Hop cauldron. There is a movement based in West Yorkshire which is running with such professionalism, such style and with the greatest strength in depth that you have nothing to compare to this pocket of talent right now which is tucked up in bed with self sustaining independent record labels who are putting their faith in the mature writers and rhymers, the best battle MC bar none, game raising producers, photographers and videographers smashing it on the filming and editing side, and then there’s the WY and Boisht clothing brands and stand out artist/designer Eject who is literally making his mark worldwide. So London artists, you have nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide… you have had your time, your number has been called and your boat has come in, may the last artist who disembarks turn the light off.

DJ esSDee


Title: Get Stoned
Artist: Verbal Contact
Featuring: Left Leberra
Rhymes: Matter, Prys & Left Leberra
Producer: Sonar Cousin
Album: Blue In The Face
Shot/Edit: William J Child & Sam Aminzadeh
Label: Don’t Talk To Strangers

Twitter: @VerbalContact1 @mattalogic @SonarCousin @prys_ds @LeberraBrah @williamjchild @samaminzadeh

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