Spida Lee – Fuck You (produced by Brutal Artistry)

Spida Lee

I’m back once again with some real original dopeness…

Spida Lee comes out pullin’ no punches with ‘FUCK YOU’. Brilliantly produced by Brutal Artistry with the video professionally created and glued together by BadLOOK Media.

Now, before you click play let me take you back a little way to a film called ‘Judgement Night’ which starred Emilio Estevez, Cuba, Denis Leary, Everlast and the mighty Jeremy Piven. Why? Because aside of the movie being dynamite the soundtrack which coupled it was something of a giant allowing the likes of De La Soul, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Onyx and many more collaborating with metal/grunge bands Teenage Fanclub, Biohazard, Pearl Jam and other similar mighty rockers.

The coupling of these artists and bands helped build on something which was molded when RUN DMC and Aerosmith  got together to unleash Walk This Way on the unsuspecting public of the world, but it took it one step further and broke that mold by making the music harder so it remained underground.

Spida and Brutal Artistry collide in the same fashion… bringing a sound which is hard and original.

3215727775-1Spida Lee is a man built on real Hip-Hop foundations, the man has been and seen, he is influenced by everything I grew up listening to and drew inspiration from… great artists who came from the streets with hunger, desire and creativity driving them forward. He recognises that he has something, something different which will always see him standing tall even though his puffer jacket hugged frame is somewhat small. Mr. Lee also has good bones at his core, he’s a really nice guy who fills any room with jumped up party vibes even before he picks up a mic.

I saw a really cool side of Spida in 2012 which I really related to. Spida Lee, like me, gives fellow artists the kudos they deserve no matter where he gets to and no matter what his age may be. The moment I am referring to is when Mystro aka MysDiggi ventured up to play the launch party for The Country Gent opening. I was on the phone with him and he said ‘Thank you for putting me on, being on the same billing with Mystro is a massive honor’.

A massive honor… this from a man who has had a lengthy career himself, an artist breaking barriers and staying on the road of originality. I urge you all to not only watch the video where you see Spida representing West Yorkshire in a very different way but look into Carricou Jack’s back catalogue over at Don’t Talk To Strangers .. now .. go on.

DJ esSDee