Savvy featuring Tape The Radio – ‘While The Water Falls’

It gives me great, GREAT pleasure to Feature this video which sees the audio released on all yo asses 23rd July.

I’m a big fan of the savior Asaviour on many fronts… not only is he a lyricist who has had great success over the years with ‘The A Loop Theory’ deserving a massive mention which stills supersedes most albums released today. A great product put together with the man DJ IQ who now stands behind the back of Pro Green on the one’s n two’s, but the man who loves his tea has been a man with a plan of action for a very long time now.

Take his clothing and his eye for style which have seen his website, logos and tee designs evolve ahead of everybody else. He’s truly made sure that his foundations are so solid and compact that nothing can call by and blow his house down.

Then there’s his label… Saving Grace Music

Kept tight to his heart and following set guidelines he hand picks talent which will settle and help the label progress. In a similar way to his eye for detail and style he has ear goggles tuned in to the tones of artists voices who verbally paint a picture the Savvy way. This is in no way dull, I mean, I’m not saying that the artists attached to the label and it’s releases all sound like Asaviour, nothing could be further from the truth. Take Gen Uchiha with his Doom style flow and artistic hands which see him customising everything from Nikes and Adidas to the false toe nails of Paris Hilton, a dope talent who has been by Savvy’s side and is so underrated it’s insanely insane.

So here we are with the Savvster entering a new dimension along with the brilliantly named ‘Tape the Radio’. The track and it’s matching video footage is labelled ‘While the Water Falls’. I was less than 1 minute in today when I had to reach for the phone and get in touch to simply congratulate the man all involved for the quality which has become a standard part of Asaviour’s back catalogue.

I just love everything about it, the mood, the lyrics, the acting, the bird … yeah she’s got it going on .. the fact that Savvy appears later in the video and right on cue as the needle hits the record.. it’s class and although I’ve got the audio on it’s way by digital pigeon I know already that you need this in your life, whether stuck in your media player or swimming in your Pod.

DJ esSDee