Rockfresh – Superimposed Headphones


A short while ago I had a phone conversation .. yes .. a real phone conversation, with the head honcho at Rockfresh Ltd. The outcome was an instant reach out that has led to relations between Rockfresh and Irn Mnky, Spida Lee, Oink by Piglet, Majorkuts and finally myself.

yo rock freshThe company itself has a dope online operation which is supporting the underground Hip-Hop clothing labels and a few forever growing ones too. Built by an ageing B-Boy who is deep rooted in the true foundations of Hip-Hop you can find the dopest of designs which pay homeage to the true school.. so be sure to visit the website after this post, which is written to celebrate the release of the Rockfresh album ‘Superimposed Headphones’.

Rockfresh - Superimposed HeadphonesOn a personal note it has been great to work with my brother Irn Mnky again after a short while, and then, there is working with the MONSTER Spida Lee for a second time, it’s always a pleasure and shorty the pimp does not let his standards slip one bit on this .. just listen in and check his opening line .. you ain’t touching the kool kat with more 90′s flavour than a 90′s raver.

After listening to the first 30 seconds of each track from this 14 track long player I was like ‘hey .. there’s some badass stuff on here’. So that in itself is the nod for all you people searching for a good summer Hip-Hop soundtrack to download this well thought out album from Bandcamp FOR FREE.

The 14 track tracks have some stand out names from the U.K. and U.S. and you are never far away from some sort of local heavyweights. Phili, Life MC, Dotz, Micall Parknsun, Verb T, Craig. G, Nappa plus of course the mighty Irn Mnky and Spida Lee.

Embedded Bandcamp widget below allows you to hit Play and listen to the album, but do your hard drive a favour and click through to download. But not before reading this short notice…