Retreat Brand – NWA t-shirt

Retreat Brand N.W.A. t-shirt

It takes a special kind of garment to make these fingers warm enough to drag the laptop out the bag, walk across the room to plug in the charger and raise enough digit energy to tell all you good people that there is a new bad boy Sheriff in town.

Retreat Brand N.W.A. t-shirtRetreat Brand, as you should know by now, do not do ordinary. Whether getting the men in charge of Beastie’s merch in a tizz with the now legendary ‘New Yauch City’ tee, or bringing Gill Scott Heron’s UK performance to a white t-shirt near you.. this label continues to bring dope as fu*k prints to dope as fu*k online shoppers.

Following the recently lauded collaboration with Steve ‘Cab’ Caballero, comes the newest in new, ‘Retreat for Life’ t-shirt. A brilliant NWA illustration by A Guy Called Minty.

Just hit the image with a click and you can order yours now.. just 20 whole English pounds plus £3.80 postage will see one of these packaged and ready to arrive in your letterbox.

You are now about to witness the strength of Streetwear Knowledge

DJ esSDee