RETREAT BRAND collaborates with Steve Caballero

RETREAT BRAND collaborates with Steve Caballero

RETREAT BRAND collaborates with Steve Caballero to release a very Limited Edition t-shirt design.

The beast from the North-East, Retreat Brand, pulls a sabre toothed tiger out the bag.

It is a beautifully known fact that the cotton pickers in China get a little excited when they hear that Retreat is releasing its new designs to the world, but this new high profile collaboration has even reached the rice fields.

It is the end of August, and yes you have been looking at leather jackets, woolly jumpers and smokers jackets but hold up a minute… what you gonna put under that £10 sweater? What about when you go see the girlfriend and she turns the heating up .. what will you be sporting when you can’t bear the heat any longer and you have to strip down to your naked arms?

Well .. I have to tell you about this dope design which is now available to order from Retreat Brand’s website.

RETREAT BRAND collaborates with Steve CaballeroIt is a collaboration with the Bones Brigade Legend that is ‘Steve Caballero’. Yes, the 4 foot 2 man who invented the Caballero (also known as the ‘Full Cab’ and ‘Half Cab’), and who’s signature Vans skate shoes sell in their hundreds of thousands, has signed up with the Retreat Brand clothing line to release a very limited edition run of t-shirts which will feature the artwork you see to the left.

Steve Caballero is now a brilliant artist with a brush, as well as a devout Christian spreading the word of God to the legions of skaters who follow him and his moves around the world. This wee man with potato sacks full of style on the sidewalks, is one of the true founders of the street skating style as we know it today. I looked up to this little genius from the days of Powell’s extensive catalog of skate films released on VHS.

With Retreat Brand pulling this one out the rucksack, it shows their desire to not only work with pioneers in the music business, but to create awareness of legends from a lifestyle that most people know nothing about.

So manufacturers in China, you can stand up in them rice fields, take off your sodden garments, pick up your fake iPad, and visit the RETREAT STORE now to purchase one of these dope bad boys for just £20 plus £3.80 delivery. Cheaper than a ‘cab’ to Asda.

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