DJ Format The Foremost with Phill Most Chill

DJ Format The Foremost

The man with a monotone deepness to his voice is about to release his new album. DJ Format THE FOREMOST with a dope MC who featured on ‘Statement of Intent‘.

DJ Format The Foremost with Phill Most Chill 28th October 20132013 brings back-to-back albums, which is in quick succession when compared to the gap of 8 years between ‘If You Can’t Join ‘Em Beat ‘Em‘ and the aforementioned ‘Statement’ long player.

This is more than a DJ Format featuring release, this is a collaboration from two like minded, experienced and respected men in Hip-Hop. Both draw on all that is good within their chosen art form and deliver a lesson in the real meaning of Hip-Hop as a lifestyle.

The album itself is released on 28th October, which is just in time to crack it open, place it on.. in, or send it through the player of your choice, turn it up, and drown out those pesky little shits with pumpkins who will be knocking on your door.

The date, and waiting for the album’s release, is right up there with waiting for MysDiggi’s ‘UK Rap Up.. like the McDonalds cheeseburger .. you know what it’s gonna taste like but you know not what the content is made of.

Phill Most Chill

Phill Most Chill brings old school flavour which is suited to the producer’s B-Boy breaks and beats. Growing up in Connecticut, Phill Stroman started DJing, rhyming and collecting records in 1983.. among a great list of achievements Phill Most Chill started a legendary series of beat tapes, called “Archaeologists Classics” which reached no less than 100 volumes and which did not only feature dope music but also very good cover art work, often based on covers of records included in the mixes.

DJ Format The Foremost album with Phill Most Chill

  • The LP is out on 28th October
  • Available on Vinyl, CD and download
  • DJ Format & Phill Most Chill
  • 10 true Hip-Hop tracks
  • More flavour than Flava
  • More breaks than Ant ‘n’ Dec’s Takeaway
  • More cuts than Edward Scissorhands
  • and much, much more..

I’ll be reviewing the album track for track shortly before its release, but for now.. enjoy the video, and Format’s sake.. ‘buy this album‘, otherwise his home will feel most chill this winter.

DJ esSDee