Charity Shop Tapes 2 and more

DJ esSDee

It’s been a long summer…

It’s been a long summer full of live performances at various festivals with Mr Megamouth this year and that has taken a front seat along with many other responsibilities music and non-music related.

I really feel this year has been one of adjustments.

Firstly, the year started off with me neglecting the art form which I have spent 15 years submersed in. DJing is huge part of my life, a part that, like my wife and child, will be loved unconditionally until the day that I die.

The early part of this year was spent getting my shit together, stock piling a collection of 7inch vinyl from charity and second hand shops, record fairs and the great Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield. Not one of these 45′s has cost more than £1, nor are some of them in the greatest condition. It has taken some time to dig and collect the music now available for what promises to be a dope mix like no other.

I pushed the mix, made videos and joined my brothers at HBSMA on their 50th birthday, where I featured some of the content already in this ensemble of sometimes forgotten beats, rhymes, songs and compositions. Added to this surge from an earlier time, I pinpointed 1st August for the release, moving it back to 1st September when I realised more time was needed. This too failed to materialise.

So, after going through a whirlwind 2 months which saw our dog pass weeks after a holiday we planned for him more than us, and the starting of another preschool for the beautiful and talented JessDee, I have finally come out the other side with the earlier focus and desire to put this mix together and get it out to you the listeners.

Some of you have been looking forward to this mix just as much as me, and for it’s delay I apologies from the heart.

Clickedy Click!

Something clicked yesterday after a tweet from the dope man DJ Woody. He’s put together a Audio-visual set which is mind blowing, a real piece of amazing work which I’ll be writing about later this week. He’s also got his solo LP dropping some time soon. Then there’s DJ Format‘s new 10 track album which is due the end of this month, he’s collaborated with Phill Most Chill who featured heavily on Format’s latest solo album ‘Statement of Intent’. Both of these projects, along with my brother Mysdiggi‘s ongoing moves have helped inspire me to rise from the ashes.

I want to publicly apologise to the two amazing brands who have supported me this year ‘Retreat Brand‘ and ‘WY‘. The hard times of late have seen me labored when compared to the start of this year, which took off with so much drive and focus. Yes the festivals, videos and shoppers have seen these brands fitted to my body, but the last couple of months have not been anywhere near busy enough to showcase their dope threads.

Can I put a date on Charity Shop Tapes 2?

The answer is no, but I can say that I’m back on it. Enough people have asked about the mix and I thought it only right to give an explanation. Being looked after by the brands, having people interested in what I am doing, and being booked to play as an artist.. does not come easy. On my part it takes effort, discipline and respect for those looking in. Autumn and winter have always been my time to get productive so bring on the cold.

So stay with me, I will be doing another video shortly.. as well as doing some live broadcasts showing some of music that I have at my disposal.

Charity Shop Tapes 2 features the following artists with more guest spots to be added:

  • Rob Swift
  • Mystro aka MysDiggi
  • Blade
  • Jurassic 5
  • MC Shan
  • DJ Format
  • Mr Megamouth

There will also be an Irn Mnky remix of the track featuring MysDiggi and Blade. This will be added to the end of the mix.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this apology to you and DJing as a whole,

DJ esSDee