To them people with eyes on the prize and winter on their mind you will no doubt know that WY Clothing have gotten their new range out for the cold months ahead.

You people will no doubt have your wardrobes packed with their delights and won’t need me to go on telling you that there are new hoodies .. new tees .. and new sweatshirts in this range with supreme higher quality garments being used .. you probably don’t need me to tell you that it’s all available over at www.WYClothing.com either .. so .. I won’t, you can tell others for them and make sure that this brilliant and dominant label who have this DJ’s back sell out for Christmas which will mean the mankini range comes to us all a little quicker, enabling us to experience cold balls and frosty pubes.

WY Clothing is brought to you by the dopest and worn by people with gratitude ‘n’ attitude.

DJ esSDee