The London Riots

I wrote this earlier today, and after reading a blog post by @MrRoyThomas I thought I better blog this because opinions matter, unlike Roy I don’t or haven’t lived in the wrecked areas, so this is my view from the outside, enjoy.

10,000 more police on the streets tonight, if that doesn’t work the army will be brought in. Politically correctness and the changes in law have tipped this country to the point where teachers (who we used to fear), have no authority… Police (who everybody used to fear because of the consequences), have no real authority because they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The Prime Minister has come out and said 10,000 more police… what he should have made clear is “I urge every single one of you not involved in tearing up your community and others around where you live, go home after work and stay indoors, I am giving the Police the power to deal with this matter, they have my permission as leader of Britain to deal with the thugs how they feel fit”. I saw a tweet today saying “this morning the looters parents should give them a hiding”, truth is, the parents are scared of their own siblings because they don’t know how to deal with them, they used to have support from the teachers but they thought they were big and clever when saying “we can discipline our own children”, not that clever anymore. In my eyes the Police got it exactly right last night, they knew what they was doing… you ruin your own neighborhood, we’ll get onto the cleaners and window manufacturers now to be prepared first thing in the morning and the good people of your community will help clean it all up. We’ll contain your violence and thuggery as much as we can tonight, come back tomorrow and take you on. The good people around you will only take this for so long and you will have to answer to them on a daily basis, they will turn you in, we won’t even break a sweat on that front. I also keep hearing that the children in these communities have nothing to do, are bored and come from broken and poor backgrounds… well… I grew up in Buttershaw, we (most of Buttershaw), had a broken family, no money and dysfunctional leaders in our families.. but we got through. I was around a lot disturbing scenes while growing up, as were alot of others, we struggled to get a walkman and tapes… nowadays kids have a phone bought, it plays music and they get that on the freeload. The youth of today are not bored they just think that doing nothing is the way to look cool, and they do nothing because all their mates are doing nothing, get out there and make a difference you little dicks and dickettes, you have so much more available to you than any of us have ever had… except what??? DISCIPLINE. I swore at (not in front of but at), my Mum when I was about 10, she smacked me round the face so hard it lifted me off the floor, did I go running to a ‘no claims’ court.. obviously not, it was the 80′s, did I swear at my Mum again between then and now… NO. DISCIPLINE. Maybe it’s too late for some of the rebels on the streets of today but there are kids that we know and love that can be taught the rights and wrongs as well as being DISCIPLINED correctly over the coming years. Make sure you make a difference so when your child/children grow up they will write a message along these lines. As for what is going to happen tonight… who knows but one thing is for sure.. AUTHORITY MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE.