The 5 Best Things from Others in 2012


Here are the best things to come from 2012, not from me but from others…

1. Mystrogen

It was a long time coming from the turn of the year when Mystro’s ‘UK Rap Up 2011‘ dropped and made major sized ripples on the air waves but when it arrived firstly in    mystrogen digital format it lit up the featured pages of iTunes, not just the Hip-Hop section but the main front page which greets us all when we click that little circular icon.

The album (a banger and massive success by way of musical and lyrical content), was then available on CD from September and pre orders were available through the website with supporters being rewarded by way of names printed in the cover.

A personal note from my brother MysDiggi inside the cover was touching and the feeling is mutual, Mys is an amazing human being, truly hard working to the bone and is there for me 100% of the way as I am for him. Visit to buy your copy today.

2. Irn Mnky’s ‘Rolling Stone’ Feature

Rolling-Stone-magazineIf it isn’t enough being the ‘go to man for a remix’ by the mighty legend who is DJ Shadow, he becomes the main man of Rolling Stone’s feature on Shadow’s hype around the greatest hits collection. Also nice to be credited twice in the content of this article.

As most know I am always working closely with my brother Irn Mnky and this year has seen us collaborate on a handful of projects including ‘Inject the Beat‘.

Stay tuned for the ‘White Eyed Tigers Tour’ dates which are being planned for 2013.

3. DJ Format’s ‘Statement of Intent’ Album

dj-formatWhen Format released the album sampler using the medium of video I was like ‘whaaaaaaaaat the man is BACK’.

The album is a mix of previous albums ‘Music for the Mature B-Boy‘ and ‘If You Can’t Join ‘em Beat ‘em‘ with a Simonsound trippy twist added along with MC’s Edan, Mr. Lif and the supadope Sureshot La Rock.

Brilliant album and you have to hear it, BUY IT and support the man, the mate, the legendary UK beat maker.

4. HBS Music Archaeology Video Channel

hbsmaBrad and Chris have become a weekly fix for me and REAL music lovers, DJ’s, diggers and shed appreciation societies around the globe.

From Indian music specials to guest DJ’s like Format, Thing and many more popping in for chats, favourite players and a cup ‘o’ tea. It’s a truly educational weekly show which has you writing down the on-screen track/album info for the time you next go for a real dig or even visit the online digital shop fronts which just might have the fix for your mix.

I am a big supporter of the show, the dudes and the hats… I will be in the ‘warm’ shed at some time this year I am sure, until then you can check the channel and listen to the flannel RIGHT HERE .. also follow them on Twitter @HBSMA

5. WY, Retreat and Ejectos Clothing

clothingI have to put all 3 labels into one simply because, although they do a similar thing, they all do it very differently. It is their appreciation for stand alone identity which glues them together.

One is the brain child of a hard working graffiti artist and business man, one a label behind the ever growing West Yorkshire movement and the other a label which has it’s foundations in Hip-Hop, DJ’s, Skating, Performers and more. Go Find out more, buy and support their desire to be bigger, better and more powerful.

The above are in no particular order, just fresh to def achievers who do what they do for the believers, make sure you click through the links and support.

DJ esSDee