Nationwide Riots

With a fresh head and clear eyes I see the one major thing wrong with what the police are doing… it may sound extreme but GUNS are needed, rubber bullets or whatever, when the coppers get there, the kids run, you NEED to show authority, that means step it up, knee and shin pads may help attacks but you need to stop chasing shadows… not shoot to kill, but shoot to stop.

I believe 1 more day then Her Majesty The Queen will announce martial law on some scale because the looters and rioters are now doing for sheer fun, greed and disturbance to innocent people and their businesses.

The vigilantes that are rising in large numbers are the thing that make me feel proud, not only are these dudes and dudettes going out to batter down the trouble causers because they know the Police Officers hands are tied due to ridiculous law changes they have no power over, these people (Sikhs aside), are built like brick shit houses and will put the fear into the mindless scum roaming the streets. These men and women of the country need celebrating… joining even, because this beautiful country of ours was once fought for by men and women who gave their life to protect and serve. If our Grandparents of that era were alive and able today they would be on our streets just like the heroic 26 year old man who in the early hours of this rioting had the minerals to stand up to lawless thugs, I really hope that God has mercy on his soul because he has unfortunately passed on due to being shot by one of the bums setting fire to our Nations buildings.

I totally understand that people become mad and angry when things are taken from then that they are used to, a child cries and stomps when you take something from their hand that they want to play with, but they have to learn to do what they have to do when the time is right for them to do it. All people of this country have had to adjust in the same that I did when I was made redundant last year. If I was spending my money the same way as when I was employed I would have had my house taken from me, I would then be leaning on the country for rented accommodation and anything else I was ‘eligible’ for, so I had to make drastic changes to the way I went about spending money. This is no different to what has happened in England. Everybody is going to naturally moan and groan, but we just have to get on with it and understand that nice shiny things that we keep seeing in adverts and shop windows don’t nourish our minds and bodies, yes they are nice to have but they are not essential.

Love, Food and Water… concentrate on getting these things and you’ll get through.

As for the thugs and criminals of our country… you are making your parents and families so proud, I bet they are so happy with you.

Stay Safe Good People of the UK


, stay safe people.