Mystro hints at Retirement

You know sometimes it takes the death of an artist who helped create the blueprint of a genre to make you sad, heartbroken or even shed a tear.. MCA of the Beastie Boys and more recently Donna Summer.

Mystro aka MysDiggi

Mystro aka MysDiggi

But sometimes even the news of a retirement can sink a fond heart… I don’t want to go into any kind of detail or fabricate in any way because it’s not what I do, I only relay facts and thoughts from within. I’m more a celebrator of people and their creative achievements and endeavors.

So without going into too much detail I want to let people know that from what has been written and read on the Twitter feed of ‘Mystro aka MysDiggi’, the news is that the groundbreaking underground artist has stepped away from live shows which could mean we hear no more new material and see no more videos.

If like many you never saw him perform live which in turn meant you didn’t see how this professional mic controller worked a crowd, then I really do feel that you have missed an innovator at work. From his ‘Mystro Investigates’ series, to his 3 ‘UK Rap Up’ offerings and the number of great releases & videos you can see at the website Mystro has grafted and grinded for some years, giving his all to the UK scene, making a great name in Australia and doing virals for the likes of Blackberry, telling it like it is on the BBC Breakfast Show when the London riots were on and working within the scene to make it great.

I could go on dragging details from Wikipedia and other places but that just ain’t me. I’m a DJ who loves nothing but good music, a man who has been fortunate enough to spin for Mystro on a couple of occasions, a person who has found a great friend in Mysdiggi over the last few years.

I wear my heart on my sleeve as they say and I don’t mind saying in public that I will miss my friend if the last gig he did was to be his final involvement in the this here game that is Hip-Hop… I seriously hope it wasn’t but if so then I hope that fans of music keep buying his material, watching his videos and clocking up the views because Mystro has been setting a standard for a long time… all you MC’s need to recognise.

It was only the other day when my man Chief Wigz said to me in conversation regarding performing for a crowd “it’s like when Mystro comes on… you know he’s on .. the atmosphere changes”. That is the performer I know and love, he deserves greatness but without respect, support and the right doors opening a performer will only take it so far.

I love you brother Mys’, be happy and I will be in touch when the dust settles