MysDiggi – Cockadoodledoo

I have waited a few weeks to write about my friends new release named Cockadoodledoo simply because I wanted to sit back and see what effect it had on a society full of music lovers. Well it has had an effect and there are even people callin’ for a full video to compliment the hard hitting and truthful lyrics.

I heard this when it was just an idea, the production was rough and it was low in quality but I knew as soon as I listened to it that it was not only the right way for Mystro to come back as MysDiggi but the lyrical content is something new and different for the maestro MysDiggi.

Covering everything that is wrong with a scene built on morals way back in the day and people united in taking the Hip-Hop art form forward brother Mys pulls no punches and from the off lets all know that ‘Only the Offenders Should be Offended’. Promoters, artists and bloggers get it in the neck … marketers and media folks too .. basically everybody that has helped Hip-Hop sink to new lows which have resulted in Hip-Hop losing it’s identification and has seen people of the scene do anything for money and trinkets while downgrading the quality of their work… seen promoters ignore the true Hip-Hop talent that is around today simply because they can make more money out of 2 bit artists who are happy to be bent over and shafted up the arse so the boss man can make shit loads of coin out of them. DJ’s who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by managers to spin all the shitty “Hip-Hop” and tell everyone ‘this is a banger .. get on this UK’ when deep down they know it’s proper dog shit and that there is REAL UK talent out there pushing boundaries that they ‘won’t help because it won’t line their bank accounts with electronic digits’.

Hip Hop Better Wake Up and it better do so fast, nobody is doing any favours for the beautiful art form which makes the world a more colourful place while they are happy to bum the mediocre next man because it puts cushions on their couch or tuna in their cats belly.

I need say no more .. watch the video and listen to the words, damn they’re even displayed large on the screen for you… start to think again and make some changes, bring it back to where it came from and give it a meaning and purpose in life.

Welcome back brother, keep teaching and stay mad at the world, stick with dirty beats and rhyme on time like no other.

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DJ esSDee

Mysdiggi Cockadoodledoo #HipHopBetterWakeUp