Mury P Feat Atko – Where Its Heading (Produced by Melph) Official Video

Man ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ ain’t sleeping at all…

Up Popp’s Mury P .. the MZA, the DZA .. the old curly bastard… with a totally disturbing method, man don’t know ‘Where It’s Heading’.

Mury P Where it's Heading Don't Talk to Strangers

Mury P Where it's Heading feat. Atko

Blood baths and muddy boots, leaves, trees and an unsuspecting victim just taking a stroll. Unbeknownst to this wandering dude is that the internal hate and anguish that lives inside Mury P is gonna have him hung, drawn and cut into quarters.

Raising a bar, telling a tale and all put together in classic black ‘n’ white footage… the man himself has edited the video which is impressive and a true hands on ‘I know what it’s gotta look like’ statement. This new material (from a dude who is like the brother with matching curly hair that I never got), is his baby. Dragged from the depths of a tortured yet vibrant soul, a sick and just about stable human being walking the tightrope of insanity. Listening only makes you question whether it is us missing something… so if you find reality a little hard to handle .. turn away now.

Kind of fitting then you will agree, that his next single is called ‘Fuck You All’ (and features myself, it’s BiG).

Let’s not forget the people who have made this project work: Featuring: Atko | Producer: Melph | Shot By: Major Kuts & Chimpink | Directed & Edited By: BadLook Media | Label: Don’t Talk To Strangers | Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Corporal Mortification’.

You can follow the insane creative soul on Twitter here @MZA1

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