DJ esSDee | RIP MCA | Live mix Footage

First video of 2 going up this week in memory of MCA aka Adam Yauch

YouTube banned it but Vimeo published… thumbs up to Vimeo, YouTube and their boundaries have let people down yet again. Even the discussion filmed with Ryan Maxwell of Hip-Hop Kings has suffered in the same way… come on Google sort it out, creativity shouldn’t be capped.

I have seriously been mourning since the passing of Adam Yauch .. a true pioneer as part of the Beastie Boys and a man who although I warmed to last out of the three had a voice that came of age on ‘To The 5 Boroughs’.

This is a small part of my online activity to remember a true legend.


Huge thanks go out to Charlotte Arliss (@ArlissPhoto) for taking the time to film and to Psycho Sound Studios (@Psycho_Sounds) for the use of the great studio, your efforts will not be overlooked.