Jurassic 5 UK Tour Dates June 2013


Just listening to Rubber Tires (Tyres to us UK folk), and the introduction to all 6 artists stands out far more than ever before.

Not too long ago I got a drop from the man Akil via his friend Jamal Drew and I was made up, J5 are my all time favourite Hip-Hop group and to have a man from the 6 send me something like that just aired quality to those who knew at the festivals that year. Since then I have had some small chats with the family man Marc 7even and that has just about kept my fix for J5 hot potato and Nu-Mark & Cut Chemist beats satisfied .. I say fix because days, weeks, months and years are just not Jurassic-5-UK-Tour-2013the same without these men who once split up with what I would call unfinished business to attend to.

It’s something that people don’t really know much about, there are rumours and there are lots of bullshit stories that always do the rounds when an unexpected split occurs but their back catalogue of dope, fresh and genuine Hip-Hop has more than covered any cracks that may have formed. Timeless material which sounds no better but just as good as the first time you rushed out for the vinyl or CD or copped it on your favourite radio show, I mean how can something sound better when it’s already the best it could be when 6 brothers from other mothers were on such a wave of creativity.

So as I said, unfinished business, the title of the 1989 EPMD album resonates in 2013 and has to be owned by Jurassic 5 more than any other artist or artists in this turbulent year where we need moments like these to help us realise that life ain’t so bad… I mean if you are J5 enthusiast, life don’t get much better than waking and hearing that you will see Chali 2na, Akil, Marc 7even, Soup, Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark once again rock the stage, whirl their screaching pipes (not them pipes), and as mentioned at the top ‘Hot Potato like only they and the Beastie Boys can’.

So the three UK Tour dates were publicly announced Tuesday or Wednesday by the collective across Twitter and Facebook with the UK Tour poster displayed to the followers and friends on Thursday 21st March.

The tickets which go on sale Friday 22nd March are going to sell pretty damn quick so advice from the top is ‘MAKE SURE YOU ACT FAST AND BUY YOUR TICKETS >>> BUY TICKETS HERE!

Jurassic 5 UK Tour dates are as follows:

  • O2 ACADEMY GLASGOW – Monday JUNE 10th
  • O2 ACADEMY BRIXTON – Thursday JUNE 13th

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I could go on and on but you already know you want to be there so get on it, DO NOT MISS THIS.

See you in London people,

DJ esSDee