DJ esSDee at The Therapy Sessions Launch Night

So last night (3rd December), saw the launch night of ‘The Therapy Sessions’.

My performance was billed 1 till 3am .. a cool set time. Before I got there the crowds had the pleasure of watching Redwire who were supported by Matt Abbot, Marsicans and Kascarade.

After a private performance a few miles away I arrived at 12:30, set up and got at it with the creative stuff.

DJ esSDee at The Therapy Sessions

Was a weird one in the beginning as the room cleared for about 15 minutes but then started to fill up again (just some tinkering to be done by the event organisers for next time),  a great thing happened when I did a small set of hip-hop joints, it lit up the room and had the place filling quicker than my toilet after the first morning wee.

From that point on the night was exactly what I wanted it to be .. people in attendance losing their minds and bodily functions to the music being played. As a DJ, the most satisfying thing to feel and experience is that you are doing your job right and bringing people together through your choice of music… that’s what I was feeling last night. Whistles, shouts and shapes being thrown aplenty, tune after tune whether known to the attendees or not.. worked.

Now to sort the content for the Radio Show on Northern Underground.

Already confirmed … new material from Mystro, IRN MNKY, Raine Wilder, No Pretense and a 30 minute feature of Krafty Kuts the World Class DJ/Producer covering past productions and new exclusive music from the king of funky phat beats.

Keep yo ears pricked!!!