Bradford Playhouse – vAndal supreMe

Well as the riots started, I thought this gig would never happen. But it did… and there was an uprising elsewhere in the City.

It started as one of those nights where it feels like it’s not gonna start. But when they sorted out the monitor problem, the night was on.

Before we took to the big flat stage there was a band on who sounded like a heavier version of Vampire Weekend, and that’s a compliment. With all our equipment set up, I took to the floor half an hour too early, but this allowed yours truly to spoil the ladies n gentlemen with a badass 30 minute mix.

Then the drums came in, followed by the one and only Yorkshire Ripper MC with Little LJD following up.

From the intro to the end we smashed it, and with our cover of the Beastie Boys Triple Trouble (aptly named supreMe Trouble) we ripped the Bradford Playhouse a new hole. The fact that the bass amp blew only created a bonus ‘jam’ for the spectators.

A truly inspirational performance that had the other bands gobsmacked…

NEXT UP .. some recording of additional material to the brand that is ‘vAndal supreMe’