Eject | Demon Graffiti Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur, Business Man

Eject Demon LogoInside a small number of human beings lies not only creative talent, but hunger… not just drive but sheer determination and belief. Belief that if they use everything that makes them tick and draw on creativity which sees them take the simplest of things like a brown paper bag and make it into a luxury item, and then use this as a package for a superior product branded in a way that makes the owner and wearer of these particular garments stand out from the crowd…

Ladies and Gentlemen, pimps, players and women of the night, I give you the quietly cool, sharp as a knife, Demon possessed artist ‘Eject’.

Eject Graffiti Artist DesignerAlthough most people on God’s earth would overlook the creative skills and brain muscle possessed by a Graffiti Artist and simply label them mindless vandals, there is a greater acceptance of the markings on our streets which are making our Cities more picturesque. Big chain clothing and home stores are selling and bastardising the art of graffiti on everything from t-shirts and shorts to place mats, pencil cases and even wooden spoons so when you have a sole designer who puts the real ingredients into a project that sees the finest quality garments with his trademark Demon emblazoned upon them along with keyrings, button badges and the much talked about brown bag which is known to those in the know as the ‘Eject Pack’, you can forget about the mass printed, lame game tactics of the rinsing big boys with nothing but quick bucks on the brain and get behind a designer bringing you the chance to have stunning threads hanging in your wardrobes and folded in your drawers.

Hip-Hop and it’s elements (whichever you wish to name and include), have all made such a recognisable mark on society, mostly noticed within music and then dance, the art form that is painting with cans has always rumbled along and the real artists still remain fairly underground, but with the use of social media at his disposal and the constant traveling up and down the country, I really believe that Eject can exercise the demons of this once frowned upon colourful skill and create a blueprint for others to follow.

Ejectos's Cereal Screen PrintI mean, the guy (and others he includes in his ongoing project Major Kuts etc.), who will reach global cotton picking dominance has over-sized Demon heads that are worn at shows, events and exhibitions globally, bringing real life 3D characters to the people in attendance. Check his cereal … yes, that’s what I said .. HIS CEREAL!!! Ejectos cereal, complete with a better box design than the ones living on shelves in your favourite supermarket.

As ever I want to finish up with something about the man behind the can…

Eject the man is a very content sharp dressing being who shows nothing but respect, big happy smiles and always makes sure he greets everyone individually. He’s inspiring people daily but remains super humble, a quality you can tell he will always keep throughout his successful progression from genius start-up businessman to global Demon phenomenon.

See the buttons below and make sure you get on over to the Ejectos website to pick up a bag or 2 of goodies that will set you apart from mere mortals.

DJ esSDee


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Eject Resurrection Mural