DJ esSDee – Therapy Sessions Radio Episode 1

The first show has passed!

Episode 1 of the Therapy Sessions Radio Show has been and gone but will not be forgotten… you always remember your first time and last nights radio show will live long in my memory.

To say I was buzzing after the show is an understatement. Yes the mic needs replacing and the levels of the mic need some tinkering with but on the whole the show and it’s content were where it needs to be.

It felt natural, well, the first hour was a matter of getting into the swing but when that passed it was rolling.

It’s a pleasure to play amazing music for people who wouldn’t usually get to hear or appreciate it. There is so much out there that needs to be heard and that is where the show will continue to go and grow.

There will be a replay throughout the week and it will be uploaded to MixCloud throughout the week so you’ll get a full track list along with it.

Next show is 23rd December .. make sure you tune in for the Finger Lickin’ Records feature where I’ll have exclusives from Krafty Kuts and A.Skillz as well as playing through some of the labels back catalogue. Gonna be very special.