DJ esSDee Recommends – Stay Fly Shoe Juice

You know them mornings.. you wake up in bed fully clothed and after planting one foot on the floor hoping to stop the room spinning you start getting small flashbacks that your brain can’t handle .. then finally .. you get up, drain the urine and venture into the front room to find one thing you just can’t take… your brand new pumps looking like they were rescued from the motorway where they’ve been widening the lanes.

Should Have Used Shoe JuiceIf only there was something that could prevent the labour involved to bring them back from the brink of destruction!!! Well now there is… ladies and gentlemen .. pimps, players and pump lovers worldwide .. I recommend the stain preventing brain child of the casually ballin’ filmographer Paul Cockroft, Stay Fly Shoe Juice

Check the video to see this amazing liquid in action and once you have get some bought over at Get this too, if you live in Leeds Mr. Cockroft will hand deliver to your door and save you the postage cost.

Everybody needs some of this Stay Fly Shoe Juice, the Eco Friendly, Hydrophobic Stain repellent for your Sneakers, Shoes, Pumps or whatever else you choose to call the accessories on your feet.

I can already see this stuff taking pride of place on many a shops shelves very soon… be some of the first to have it at home.

DJ esSDee