DJ esSDee features on this Spida Lee FREE Download from Don’t Talk to Strangers

So I woke this morning and opened Twitter at around 7am to find that Don’t Talk to Strangers had released a track for FREE Download that I laid some cuts on a few weeks back.

Spida Lee | Break it Down feat DJ esSDee

Spida Lee | Break it Down feat DJ esSDee

Now if you are a frequent reader you’ll know that I have a massive amount of respect for the label and the artists on it. One of these artists goes by the name of Spida Lee… a true gent, true performer and true 90′s Hip-Hop kid like myself.

This material that he’s putting out echoes that and draws from everything that makes Hip-Hop an amazing lifestyle to embrace. Lee himself is the ultimate performer on stage and not only knows how to work a crowd but makes people leave a venue with their moneys worth. As well as having a great belief in what he is doing underneath his oversized puffer jacket lives a super respectable human being with nothing but time for all around him completing the ingredients needed to push on and see people embrace him and his lyrical¬† skills that live in all content he releases.

It’s been a pleasure working with the Don’t Talk to Strangers label once again and just as much of one working alongside Spida Lee.

CLICK THIS LINK “” AND DOWNLOAD THE ‘FREE’ 4 Track Single (Complete with Instrumentals)

1. Break it Down feat. DJ esSDee

2. Break it Down feat. DJ esSDee (instrumental)

3. Don Dada feat. Billy Starks

4. Don Dada (instrumental)

DJ esSDee