DJ esSDee’ 5 Best Moments in 2012

Retreat Brand WY Clothing

Yes it’s self loving but it’s got to be done…

1. Appearing on Mister Jason’s ‘Son of Frankensteez’ E.P.

DJ esSDee - Mister Jason 'Son of Frankensteez'

Yes, landing a part on this ‘Son of Frankensteez‘ slab of clear 10″ wax was a beautiful way to grace the year of 2012. Me and General Stoor go in on the track called ‘Dead’, Mister Jason’s ‘A to Z’ gets remixed by DJ Format to make it the most complex Hip-Hop track to have ever been concocted. DJ Revolution, K-No Supreme, J-Zone, Nabo Rawk and General Stoor feature heavily… a big THANK YOU goes out to the one and only Mister Jason of Porn Theatre Ushers who produces endless pieces of audio art, each piece different and stand out, a truly dope guy too, future workings would be more than welcomed.

2. Being involved with the Shadow Mix and being listed on Rolling Stone’s article

IRN MNKY was approached to create a mix which would accompany 4 others for DJ Shadow day on Eddy Temple Morris‘ show which airs on XFM. The MNKY man drafted imagesme in for a scratch solo which sits on top of a sped up ‘Organ Donor’. The ‘Walkie Talkie’ and ‘I Gotta Rokk’ remixes which I feature on as well as ‘Inject the Beat’ were also included.

If that wasn’t enough Rolling Stone Magazine got in touch with the IRN man and asked a few questions as well as asking for a full track list for the mix which they embedded via Soundcloud. My name sits proudly within that track list, very proudly.

3. WY Clothing and Retreat Clothing Sponsorship

clothing-2Between the 2 of these labels I have been blessed this year to represent what WY Clothing and Retreat Clothing do… what’s more they have clothed a brother which has lead me to be a walking, talking and performing 3D image of their ranges.

When I say that their garments, design and ethos all stand way above most others and that like me they have a positive direction in which they are going in it really makes for a good match all round.

With the 2013 ‘White Eyed Tigers’ tour happening and a commemorative Tee design being planned with Retreat you can expect BIG things in the coming 12 months.

4. Headlining ‘Oxjam Leeds’

oxjam2 main gigs for the Oxjam team and working alongside Matt Mackey was a real pleasure. A man with dope music in his heart and a strong head to take on the hierarchy which lead to the first Hip-Hop night supported by Oxjam.

For me performing with beatboxer Megamouth was the highlight of these 2 events and has lead to him being part of the ‘White Eyed Tigers’ performances that are planned for next year. We will also be performing again in the future as it was ‘that good’.

5. ‘The Country Gent Launch Party’

Now without the aforementioned Megamouth I wouldn’t have been able to pull off this event as smoothly as I did so a massive THANK YOU is extended.

essdeeBringing together Mystro aka MysDiggi, IRN MNKY & Me (White Eyed Tigers), Asaviour, Spida Lee, Megamouth and a surprise cameo performance from UK Beatbox Champion 2 years running Ball-Zee was unbelievably brilliant… performing a DJ set with IRN MNKY for the first time since errrrr… 2007 ish was dope, DJing for my brother Mys was (as always), something to cherish.

Sharing the hosting duties (kind of), with Megamouth was a good stage show and the ripples we created for The Country Gent tattoo shop (which I opened in July this year with Simon Caves and Jaroslaw Baka), have been pulsing ever since.

Every moment throughout the event was hailed a classic and my heartfelt thank you’s go out to each and every artist whom I call ‘my friends’, it was a night many will never forget.

As always, these are in no particular order, they are all equally as good and meaningful.

DJ esSDee