Bingley Music Live Festival 2011 – 2012

So the Bingley Music Live Festival has been and gone.

In all honesty I didn’t expect much form the Festival slot but that probably helped me get the result and reward that followed.

I went with the preconceived idea of playing 70 tracks but this turned into 80. The set went down so well that not only did I pinch a massive amount of the Feeder crowd, but as soon as I switched off the laptop they were chanting ’1 more.. 1 more…’ so being the party rocker from Leeds I obliged, with another 4 or 5 tracks that blew the Bingley Festival goers away.. I took a bow and packed it up. Job done.

Three days on from the festival and I receive an email from the organisers, not just thanking me for playing but saying they will be in touch early next year with plans to include me in a bigger way… exciting times indeed.

I have attached the short video from Bingley Music Live 2011 for you to view on here. Unfortunately there are only 5 minutes but 24 tracks were played in this time and you will get the reason why people were going bananas.

Therer are a good few images coming this way from the performance and these will be added shortly.

More News to Follow.