With a dope style which has been harvested from spending years celebrating the art form alongside the biggest DJ’s on planet earth, I’m known for my no-genre style of party rockin’ which has been compared to performances by Z-Trip, DJ-P and DJ Yoda.

Outside of live performances, ‘White Eyed Influences’ and ‘Charity Shop Tapes’ helped create an awareness of my skills, alongside my work with super producer IRN MNKY, the legendary DJ Shadow, Mister Jason of Porn Theatre Ushers, and various artists in the WY circle. I have not stopped since the first day I laid hands on my first turntables, a pair of second hand belt drives which cost me £50.

My DJ life has me performing at festivals and venues up and down the country, supporting many artists in more ways than the obvious, and I live the Hip-Hop lifestyle of creativity each and every day.

I have shared the airwaves with Todd Terry, Graeme Park and Alistair Whitehead and more when I had my funk, breaks and beats show ‘Therapy Sessions’ which went out weekly on Northern Underground radio. Been the scratch DJ in the band vAndal supreMe, DJ’d for my good friend Mystro aka MysDiggi on several occasions. Had various clothing brands, created and run many nights/events, rubbed shoulders with the good and the great.

All in all I guess you could say I’ve paid my dues, honed my current skill set over a very long time, and I have no intention of letting the hard work slip.

A rough guide to the ride so far

Besides the performances, videos and hanging out with friends, here is a list of projects and credits which are not included in the information above.

2005 – Live 5 turntable mix CD with Irn Mnky2006 – White Eyed Tigers record label
2005 – White Eyed Tigers 7″ vinyl [Irn Mnky & DJ esSDee]
2006 – White Eyed Influences CD
2007 – Charity Shop Tapes CD
2008 – Blade – RINK [White Eyed Tigers remix]
2010 – DJ Shadow – Walkie Talkie [Irn Mnky Remix] – Vinyl release on Island
2011 – DJ Shadow – I Gotta Rokk [Irn Mnky Remix] – Vinyl release on Island
2012 – Official DJ Shadow radio mix by Irn Mnky [featured on Rolling Stone]
2012 – Northern Underground Radio Show [Therapy Sessions]
2012 – Therapy Sessions Pt1 [30 minute promo mix]
2012 – Therapy Sessions Pt2 [30 minute promo mix]
2012 – Irn Mnky – Inject the Beat feat. Cappo, Bane & DJ esSDee
2012- Mury P feat. DJ esSDee – Fu*k You All
2012 – Mister Jason – Dead feat. General Stoor & DJ esSDee – Vinyl release on
2013 – Shed time with kings of the YouTube vinyl show HBS Music Archaeology
2013 – Affiliated with Retreat Brand clothing
2013 – Started performing with Mr Megamouth under the title MMSD
2013 – Spent the year digging for 45’s which will feature on Charity Shop Tapes 2

Coming soon…

Charity Shop Tapes 2 and some other very special things which are disclosed until further notice.

DJ esSDee – ‘Enjoy the Music’